Important Notice: The CSC® was updated on December 13, 2017

Important Notice: The CSC® by CSI® was updated on December 13, 2017.
Please read below for information on the updating for the SeeWhy study tools.

If you enrolled in the CSC® with CSI® before December 13, 2017 please click the link below to continue with your order.

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If you enrolled in the CSC® with CSI® on or after December 13, 2017, you are in the "New Course". Please continue reading below about the SeeWhy Learning study tools and the CSC update. The content will become examinable starting February 7, 2018.

Please read this whole page of valuable information

Will the existing tools still be useful for the "New Course?"

The trainers at SeeWhy Learning have reviewed the new content, and have determined that it is largely similar, but it has been re-arranged and re-organized, and some new material has been added. The existing SeeWhy Learning study tools will be valuable as you begin your studies and as always carries our "If you don't pass, you don't pay guarantee". The updated study tools will be added to your student profile when available.

When will the new tools be available?

SeeWhy is taking this opportunity, to do an overhaul of our existing study guide and online exam preparation tools to bring the student and even better study experience.

The CSC®1 (Volume 1) Study Guide will be available no later than February 1st.
The CSC®2 (Volume 2) Study Guide will be available no later than March 1st.
The online exam preparation tools for CSC®1 and CSC®2 will be available no later than March 15th.

NOTE: Printed Study Guide orders:
If you are registered with CSI® in the new CSC® course, on or after Dec 13th, and order a printed version of the study guide now you will receive the pre-Dec 13th course version. You will not receive a new version copy when ready March 1st unless you want to order it extra at that time. The online version of the study guides will be automatically updated as soon as ready on or before the above dates.

It will be worth the wait though!

On March 1st, we will also be rolling out an exciting new study tool being the "Weekly E-Learning Key Concept CSC Coach" video presentation.

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Testimony from one of our E-Learning students:

"Although I knew the trainer wasn't speaking specifically to me, I almost forgot. I felt like I wasn't in this alone. It was helpful to hear what other students were thinking based on the topics covered. The coaches did a great job of simplifying concepts that seemed so hard at first, easy. Thank you SeeWhy"

Special offer:

While the "Weekly E-Learning Key Concept CSC Coach" video presentation will be an upgrade option, students purchasing CSC study tools prior to March 1st will receive a free sneak peak. Starting next week and throughout your subscription, an eLearning mini-lesson video will be added to your student page. (sample lesson below).

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